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Swaroop Agrochemical Industries was launched by Mr. Sameer Pathare, a Chemical Engineer from Mumbai in 1993. The start-up activity was trading & re-packing of various agro chemicals and hormones useful for grape cultivation and focused area was the grape cultivation belt in Maharashtra.

Huge response to this activity saw the launching of own formulated products & setting up of laboratory for R & D. Swaroops product range now includes MICRO-NUTRIENTS, NATURAL & CERTIFIED ORGANIC GROWTH PROMOTERS, 100% NATURAL HERBAL PESTICIDES, SPECIALITY INORGANIC AGROCHEMICALS as well as PESTICIDES. Swaroop manufactures around 50 products which find application on almost all types of Field Crops, Vegetables, Cash Crops, Floriculture & Horticulture crops.

Swaroop has been awarded PATENT for their product G-5 Bio-organic Granules by Government of India in 2005. Two of their products namely HUMIGEL (Humic Acid in GEL form) & VETONEMA (Herbal Nematicide) are in process of being registered as PATENT.

Swaroop manufactures Certified Organic products as well as 100% Natural Organic products as per NPOP Standards under certification from a prestigious certification agency NOCA (PUNE) affiliated to APEDA. Swaroop products are backed up by a strong R & D through in-house ANYLATICAL LABORATORY which is equipped with sophisticated laboratory equipments. it also offers testing of Leaf / Soil / Water to farmers in subsidized rates. The laboratory is also approved by Government of Maharashtra


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