Phosphate Solubilizing Liquid Biofertilizer (P)

Solute is a biofertilizer contain Pseudomonas bacteria which are beneficial micro-organism capable of Solubilizing inorganic Phosphorus from insoluble compounds.
Solute is one of the major essential macronutrients for plants.

Benefits :
  • Solute secrete organic acids and lower the pH in their vicinity to bring about dissolution of bound phosphates in soil.
  • Solute stimulates root development.
  • Solute improves uptake of mineral phosphates.
  • Solute produces many plant growth promoting hormones.
  • Solute increase disease resistance capacity to plant.
  • Solute improves flower formation and seed production.
  • Solute helps in seed formation and in early maturation of crops like cereals, legumes.

Instruction for use:
Soil application: Mix 1 litre of Solute with 100 kg of FYM and broadcast in the field and irrigate immediately. (Evening time is ideal for broadcasting).
Drip irrigation: Dilute 1 litre of Solute in 100 litres of water and apply through drip irrigation.
Seed treatment: Treat the 1 acre recommended seed with 1 litre of Solute.
Seedling treatment: Dilute 1 litre of Solute in 5 litres water, keep seedling roots in   immersed for 30 minutes and transfer to main field.