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We are Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Patented Products and our setup is situated in Nashik, Maharashtra, India. Our Products are Certified by NPOP Standard, as Organic by NOCA

Contents : Sea weed extract, amino acids, neem oil, humic acid and anti root rot substances. An unique Patented granular formulation for plant growth as well as for effective preventive measures against pests and fungi. It can be used for all crops. G5 contains five different constituents - Due to sea weed based bio-fertilizer there is overall growth of crops due to plant cell division and increase in number of plant cells. Due to blend of vital amino acids, crops gets required nourishment at different stages of its growth. Hence there is healthy and vigorous growth with increased number of flowers and fruits Due to Humic acid, there is profuse growth of white roots. Roots become healthy which ultimately enhance plant growth. Due to Neem Oil, plants are protected from sucking pests in the initial stages of their growth. Neem oil also prevents attacks from other insects and pests as well as protect the plant from Nematodes and Termites. Due to Anti root rot substances, soil gets sterilised by killing harmful fungi such as Fugerium and Pithium. Due to its unique constitution, it has proved to be miracle for all types of crops. since all the five constituents are made available to the crop at once, crop is benefited right from the initial stage till the harvest.

G5 Granules
Multi Activity Bio Organic Soil Enricher Granules for overall growth and protection of plants

G5 Floiar
Multi Activity Bio Organic Liquid extract

G5 Drip
for drip irrigation

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Contents : Humic Acid, Sea Weed Extract Humigel is an unique product in gel form containing Humic Acid & Sea weed Extract. Humigel improves the uptake & translocation of Micro & Macro nutrients. Humigel accelerates germination, seeding vigour & growth of roots to a large extent. Humigel Helps plants to resist drought conditions & make them strong. Humigel improves the soil structure & fertility. It also makes soil areated.

Humic acid + Sea weed extract in Gel form for profuse root growth and overall plant development



( Applied for Patent - PATENT PENDING )

Vetonema is A researched Herbal product effective against Nematodes.
Nematodes are very difficult to manage pests as they are directly damage the plant by affecting the nutrient & water uptake. Ground symptoms of nematode infestations are similar to many Root diseases.
Vatonema contains natural Herbal Extracts which has Systemic as well as contact action on Nematodes.

Curative use - Mix 5 ml Vetonema with 1 liter of water & drench near Roots.
Above Application should be repeat after 15 days. If infestation is severe then apply minimum 3 times at 8 days interval



( Applied for Patent - PATENT PENDING )

AEGIS - Herbal NANO Technology based for Bacterial Prevention
Aegis is researched , Herbal Nano technology based for Bacterial Infestation Treatment.
Aegis contains nano particles of metallic icons embedded with herbal extract.
Useful for all fruits & Vegetables & crops against bacterial diseases.


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