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Brief History

The company was launched by Mr. Sameer Pathare, a Chemical Engineer from Mumbai in 1993. The start-up activity was trading and re-packing of various chemicals and Hormones useful for grape cultivation and focused area was the grape cultivation belt in Maharashtra.

The huge response to this activity saw the launching of own formulated products and setting up of laboratory for R and D. Company’s product range now includes BIO - ORGANIC FERTILIZERS, BIO - PESTICIDES, MICRO-NUTRIENTS, SPECIALITY AGROCHEMICALS as well as PESTICIDES. We manufacture around 50 odd products which find application on almost all types of Field Crops, Vegetables, Floriculture and Horticulture crops.

We have been awarded PATENT for our product G-5 Bio-organic Granules by Government of India in 2005 and we also manufacture 100 % ORGANIC products under certification from a prestigious certification agency NOCA ( PUNE) affiliated to APEDA .

Our products are backed up by a strong R and D through our in-house laboratory SWAROOP ANYLATICAL LABORATORY which is equipped with sophisticated laboratory equipments. We also offer testing of Leaf / Soil / Water to farmers in subsidized rates for farmers. Our laboratory is also approved by Government of Maharashtra.

The plant and corporate office is located in Satpur MIDC area in Nashik ( Maharashtra). Being located in prime industrial area, labour, water, electricity and transport etc is easily available.

he Company is engaged in multi-state marketing through out India with branch office set up in respective states. The Company operates through a strong dealer / distributor network which include MAHARASHTRA, GUJARAT, KARNATAKA, MADHYA PRADESH, ANDHRA PRADESH, ORISSA, KERALA AND TAMILNADU. For smooth distribution of goods and efficient administration we have set up Branch offices at PUNE / AURANGABAD, AHEMADABAD, HUBLI, INDORE, HYDRABAD , CUTTAK , KOTTAYAM and COIMBATORE respectively .

Further expansion of network in RAJASTHAN, PUNJAB, CHHATISGARH and NORTH EAST states is under development.


Export :

We have given distribution of our products to a Hongkong based COLOTEX COMPANY LTD for Asia and we have started EXPORTS in May 2008.


Diversification :

We have also started a new NURSERY DIVISION for Plant Nursery Centers across India under banner of SWAROOP’S HOME GARDEN SHOPPEE. We have also set up a separate office in Mumbai for the same. We have selected certain ORGANIC /HERBAL products from our range of products for the Home Gardens and have already introduced the same in Metros like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and also in major cities like Pune, Hyderabad, Nagpur etc. We are in process of establishing dealers network as well as supply to Super Markets in Metros as well as other A and B Grade cities all over India. We have also initiated an unique concept of PLANT DOCTOR for urban garden lover.


Expansion :

In order to cater to the huge requirements of our various products within as well as out side India, we are planning to expand our manufacturing facilities through a new plant 20 km from Nasik on Mumbai – Agra National Highway . The project will be completed in 2009.